About Us

We are a non-profit organization Donate.in.ua

We help Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army during the war and will help after our victory!

Two IT companies, Crunch and StaffingPartner, set up the fund to help with the purchase of ammunition, tactical medicine and supplies. We’re also engaged in the transportation and delivery of humanitarian aid from abroad.

The main principle of the Donate.in.ua fund is to provide accessible and targeted assistance. All inquiries and reports are available on our website.

Why us?

We provide fast help, here and now, to those who need it most. We use donated funds to quickly cover urgent needs for food, military equipment, medicine, and more.

We guarantee the fulfillment of all commitments. Every need is urgent, every hryvnia is protected, and every fulfilled request is visible

Involvement and support are what make us stronger. We highlight our every action, need, and achievement. We are grateful to everyone who supports us. Together we will do more

Each request and purchase is thoroughly tested. Everyone has open access to documents and up-to-date regular reports on our activities

Without trust, our activities are impossible. Honesty, transparency, and accountability allow us to trust each other and support our country effectively

Every day we actively work on our social networks and other communication channels, which allows us to attract more and more people. Our goal is to actively develop the charitable community, make it more sustainable, and be involved in solving pressing social problems.

Our team

People who work every day to bring Ukraine closer to victory!

Team members

Andriy Yakibchuk


Michael Pihosh

Fundraising and finance

Yuriy Demedyuk

Responsible for procurement

Roman Saliuk

Responsible for inquiries

Andriy Sapronov


Pavlo Matsura

IT specialist

Maryan Babiy


Sofia Yavorska

Designer, copywriter

Iryna Shelikhevych