Rescue animals

Animals suffer from war no less than humans. We’ve all seen what happens to unlucky ones, who got left behind. They lack shelter, food, and a loving hand.
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Ukrainian volunteers take care of abandoned animals. They place them in safe shelters. However, there isn’t enough food and medical supplies for everyone there. That’s why our volunteers raise money to supply such shelters with as much aid as we can.

How we help animals



We collect requests from shelters with all details (items, quantity, delivery details) and put them in our Trello Board with volunteer coordinators.



We search across stores or individual sellers for required items and determine the necessary amount of money to cover the purchase.



We launch a fundraising campaign for the cause and keep it running until the desired amount is reached.



We buy listed items and prepare them for delivery. The requester can collect the animal food and medicine from our warehouse or our volunteers can transfer items to shelters themselves.