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Children always suffer the most during wars. They have to leave everything behind, sometimes even their own parents, and flee to safety alone and lonely. These children are in desperate need of aid, both physical and moral.
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We have established a steady flow of requests from adults to make sure children always get help as fast as possible. Our volunteers send toys in addition to humanitarian aid to support them morally as well.

How we help children



We collect your request with all details (items, quantity, delivery details) and put it in our Trello Board with volunteer coordinators.



We scout for required humanitarian aid and toys in stock. If we don’t have any, we search across stores or individual sellers and determine the necessary amount of money to cover the purchase.



We launch a fundraising campaign for the cause and keep it running until the desired amount is reached.



We buy/form listed aid and prepare it for delivery. The requester can collect the items from our warehouse or our volunteers can transfer items to the children themselves.

Success cases

Successfully closed campaigns

$ 1,300


Aid for a medical center

Delivered baby products and clothes to the medical center "Maty Ta Dytyna" in Lviv.